Digital Marketing12 Trends for Marketing Agencies to Power Through 2023

12 Trends for Marketing Agencies to Power Through 2023

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and these changes are crucial to the success of marketing agencies. For instance, customers are becoming intentional about more data control, so companies are prioritizing transparency in business.

Furthermore, with a growing Gen-Z population, there is a need to tweak or adopt marketing strategies to target the right audience. So, marketing agencies must keep up with emerging marketing developments and implement user-focused digital tools.

We researched and found innovative ways for marketing agencies to up their game this year. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

12 Digital Marketing Trends to Power Through 2023

The trends discussed below will help your digital marketing agency succeed if implemented well. 

Implementing Automation and AI Tools 

One common attribute of online consumers today is the heightened need for speed and accuracy. Whether delivering an order or responding to a query, businesses must prioritize timely delivery. Meeting these expectations is the responsibility of marketing agencies.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation tools are evolving to deliver much faster results. Algorithms also drive social media platforms; they dictate posts that customers engage with, search engine results, and timeline ads.

Also, AI digital assistants are helpful in search engine optimization. A notable example is Google’s voice search AI and its usefulness on search engine results pages. Customers are not just typing queries but vocally asking questions. 

So, it’s crucial for SEO marketing efforts to apply not only to text-based situations. Optimizing content for voice search will help agencies stay at the forefront of providing value.

The Continuous Rise of TikTok

Since its boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok has risen to become a dominant player in the social media landscape. With over 1  billion active users, more people are coming online to create or consume content.

In addition to content creation, the platform is creating a healthy business space. For instance, new ads targeting options provide simple yet effective tools for brand growth. Using TikTok’s Ads Manager, businesses can target users through interests, behaviors, behavior, device operating system, and connection type.

Connecting With Customers Via Authentic, Relatable Videos

are an essential marketing tool that contributes to a successful digital marketing campaign. But, asides from informing and selling products, videos can play a creative role in sales and marketing by connecting brands to customers.

According to Wyzowl’s research, the top ways businesses use videos are explainer videos, social media content, and presentations. Other ways that brands can utilize video on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram to attract and influence customers include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Video adverts
  • Sales videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Teasers
  • Onboarding customers
  • Training in-house staff
  • Videographics
  • Customer service videos
  • App demos
  • Onboarding new hires

Brand Building Over Pure Lead Generation

Previously, many marketing efforts involved crafting messages purely to sell. Yet, with more focus on converting via the existing sales funnel, the number of prospects converting to customers has dwindled.

This is the year that brand success will depend on how relatable a business is to its target audience. More people will gravitate towards brands intent on human interactions and delivering value-adding content.

For example, directly messaging customers instead of publishing FAQs, organizing interactive live sessions on social media, and producing user-focused videos will help agencies stay relevant and publish content that resonates with customers.

Plus, companies do not need to emphasize only creating original content. Building a relatable brand is possible with curated content. Then, by sharing industry insights or having problem-solving conversations, businesses can establish audience trust and authority.

Increasing Influencer and Creator Economy

It’s not news that social media is crucial to digital marketing campaigns. Also, the organic reach of a business can be inadequate. In such an instance, a company can employ celebrities or influencers with a large following for exposure.

The current value that content creators produce is projected to reach greater heights. According to Future Market Insights, the digital content creator market will reach a CAGR of 13.1% between 2022 and 2032. This amounts to $19.9 billion, an increase from $3.37 billion.

So, for digital marketing agencies seeking business success, you must first research influencers and content creators that fit your clients’ brands. Note that content creators do not only apply to big-name influencers. There’s an emerging market for creators that connect with a brand’s audience. These include company employees, subject matter experts, and everyday customers.

Converting With High-Performing User-Generated Social Media Videos

It’s safe to say the “For You” page on TikTok has impacted how today’s users access social media. It only makes sense nowadays to push ads using videos with a wide audience reach.

Still, the emphasis is not even on professional or over-polished videos. Many high or above-average-performing videos involve elements that people quickly connect with. Filming a product in use or showing how it can improve customers’ lives increases the chances of converting an online audience.

Tapping the Potentials of a Vibrant Gaming Audience

The gaming audience has been garnering steam and is not slowing down. So, marketing agencies can profitably engage customers through in-game inventory and streaming platforms.

The best part is that today’s gamers come from a vast pool of demographic and psychographic factors. People of varying ages, income levels, beliefs, and behavior can log on to their consoles, mobile devices, and PCs to play their favorite games. As such, the gaming industry is a vast market to leverage this year.

Creating the Right Creator/Influencer-Brand Partnerships

Influencer marketing is rapidly increasing. With this information, finding the nearest high-level influencer and partnering with them can be tempting. However, this misstep is the reason behind much of the forced or impersonal online content.

This year, content creators and businesses are becoming intentional about growth. Business owners are more interested in partnering with influencers with the right online content. As a result, influencer marketing and user-generated content will incorporate the following:

  • Relevance of online businesses to their existing audience
  • Higher monetary value in brand partnerships
  • Alignment with specific brand values and purpose
  • Better communication, support, and ease of collaboration between creators and companies

Zero-Party and Other Non-Third-Party Data

It’s no news that the era of third-party data collection using cookies is gradually coming to an end. Today, customers are only willing to commit to businesses that promote data transparency and protection. That’s where non-third-party data plays a significant role.

So, collecting and analyzing information will be crucial in driving marketing strategies and making business decisions. Yet, the data collection process will need to account for user privacy.

Zero and first-party data, the voice of the customer, audience, and transactional data will take center stage. Marketing agencies, therefore, need to implement strategies to identify user behaviors and anticipate their wants. 

Web3, Metaverse, Augmented and Virtual Reality

The launch of the Metaverse in 2021 has left its marks on digital marketing. Now, agencies must bear the responsibility of developing and implementing hybrid and mixed-reality solutions. Virtual reality (VR) is one notable example.

Brands also utilize augmented reality (AR) in simulations to attract and entice customers. The applications of AR will include:

  • Creating interactive experiences such as virtual product demos or showrooms
  • Utilizing virtual billboards in ad campaigns
  • Innovative digital shopping

As the year progresses, we’ll likely see the emergence of partly or fully immersive VR experiences. Besides AR and VR, the increased use cases for Web 3.0 will lead to the emergence of virtual influencers.

Podcasts and Audio Marketing

It’s not only video creation that will increase marketing efficiency. The podcast market is fast rising, and businesses can gain a competitive edge by employing audio ads.

It’s more than advertising goods and services during short radio breaks. Instead, digital marketing agencies can help their clients identify and partner with podcasts and audio content creators with similar values to drive more authentic ads.

Reaching New Audiences With Emerging Social Media Platforms

With the recent change of ownership at Twitter, and Meta stock going down in accusations of privacy breaches, online users are testing emerging social media platforms. TikTok is already breaking the glass ceiling of what traditional social media looks like. 

Still, there are other platforms out there. Twitch and Discord cater to tech-savvy and streaming-reliant consumers. BlueSky by Jack Dorsey gives consumers more control, while Reddit and Mastodon are transforming online social interactions.

Marketing agencies must keep up with new and existing social media platforms as they apply to specific brands. Instead of relying on the Facebook marketplace, for instance, agencies must look towards diversifying digital and social media marketing efforts.


In today’s digital business landscape, it’s increasingly essential for brands to connect with customers. One critical step to achieving this is employing the right marketing strategies. However, that’s not all of it.

Online marketing is dynamic. So, marketing agencies responsible for delivering positive, profitable results must note the latest trends and market developments. By following the trends discussed in this article, you will keep up with the times and produce results your clients will be happy with.

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