SEO10 Strategies to Get Backlinks to Your Website

10 Strategies to Get Backlinks to Your Website

According to a report, the more backlinks to your website, the higher your rank on Google. This means you’re not building prominence if you don’t have backlinks. For a long while, Google has rewarded relevance, distance, and reputation with a higher rank on search engine result pages. 

Backlinks serve as a vote of confidence from another website. It tells Google that your website is a trusted resource. Therefore, the more backlinks your website gets, the more prominent it looks. 

However, getting backlinks is easier said than done and requires carefully thought-out strategies. This article contains different approaches to getting backlinks to your website. 

10 Strategies for Getting Quality Backlinks to Your Website

These ten strategies will get you quality backlinks and boost your website ranking.

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an excellent strategy for building your backlink profile organically. It works by writing for various websites and adding links to your resources where relevant and applicable. 

Many sites offer a write for us section; this allows you to write an article that’ll be published on the site. You can link to your website in the text or the author bio section. Running a search on Google will help you locate these guest blogging websites. Reach out to sites relevant to your industry or business, and submit a post for their review.

Focus on sites with high domain authority. This is because backlinks from these sites come with more mileage. A higher domain provides a better opportunity to rank high on search engine results.

Ask Suppliers, Distributors, and Partners

If you sell products, then one of the ways you can get backlinks is by asking your distributors, suppliers, or partners to link to your site. Since you patronize and work with them, they will be more inclined to link back to you. 

Most businesses usually have a partner page showcasing who they do business with. Getting a credible backlink to your website should be pretty easy if they don’t currently link to your site.

Use Influencers to Promote Your Products and Services

Another way you can obtain quality backlinks is by leveraging influencers. Find a blog niche or influencer within your industry and contact them to give a review of your services or products. Once you find the right blog niche, send them your product or provide them with your unique service free of charge. In exchange, they’ll give you a review and a backlink to your website.

Pay macro-level influencers to give honest feedback about your services and products if you have a larger budget. Also, have them link to your website when reviewing your service or product. When a potential client reads their review and clicks on the link, it will lead directly to you. This backlink strategy requires more effort but usually results in higher-quality traffic.

Search for Broken Links

Broken links can affect a user’s experience on a website. Broken links are links that no longer exist or work on a website. They’re usually caused by the main website removing these links or the destination website closing down. When a user searching for information clicks on a broken link, it could result in frustration and a potential loss of the customer. 

Broken links provide you with a fantastic opportunity to get a backlink. When you find a broken link, contact the website the link came from, and pitch your site as a replacement. You can search websites in your niche and then use various SEO tools to uncover broken links on these platforms. 

Building backlinks through mining broken links takes a lot of time and effort. However, it could be a way to build backlinks in sites that prioritize their SEO efforts. When drafting your pitch to the website’s webmaster, be humble and introduce yourself. 

Inform them of the precise location of the link and then mention alternatives for the broken link. Include your website in the list, and chances are that they’ll want to use your website. This way, you’ve gotten yourself a backlink; it’s a win-win for everybody.

Develop High-Quality Content

Creating top-quality content is one of the most straightforward ways to get backlinks. You should create content that other industry experts and bloggers use. Most people don’t use this strategy because it is time-intensive. However, if you can get it right, you’ll find it worth the effort. 

There are different types of content you can create. This includes list posts, how-to articles, and guides, and you could also choose to run quizzes. An example is if you run a fashion blog, you could create a listicle about 20 fashion trends set to reshape society. Alternatively, you can opt for a how-to post about how to run a fashion brand for just $200.

Create Top-Notch Visual Content

Over 41% of marketers claim that original graphics helped them reach their marketing goals in 2021. Visual content is a top priority for marketers because it is shareable and digestible. 

By creating visual content like infographics, you increase the likelihood of your content getting shared because you’re helping other content creators. These content creators could utilize your visual content in their blog and then link to your website as the owner. 

Publish a Skyscraper Content

One of the standard techniques used by most people to get quality backlinks is the skyscraper technique. It is another method that involves creating top-quality content, except that this is much longer. Skyscraper content is an extensive guide on existing topics. They’re very detailed and are usually as long as 10,000 words or more.

This technique involves covering every aspect of the discussed topic in detail. This automatically makes it better than the rest. It is also a great way to attract other sites to link to your websites, generating lots of backlinks.

One way to start if you want to create skyscraper content is by searching for a topic in your niche. Google is an excellent tool for researching these topics. Go through the results to see what others have done, create your content, and make it much better. Ensure your content is unique, comprehensive, and has original visuals.

After creating the skyscraper content, ensure you promote it. You can reach out to the sources mentioned in the skyscraper content, influencers, etc. Tell them about your content; they might want to share it with their audience. As word gets out about your skyscraper content, people will begin to pick up the content and link back to you as the source. 

Share Testimonials

Most consumers like to check out reviews and testimonials when making purchasing decisions. However, most people don’t know this is a great way to build quality website backlinks. This strategy is pretty simple. You can write a blog post highlighting the best products or services and notify the site owners mentioned in your review.

These sites might share your content on their website or share it on social media. If there’s a space for visitors to leave reviews, encourage them to do so. This is another win-win strategy for all parties involved because while these websites get to show they’re relevant and highly regarded, you’ll also get a quality backlink to your website. 

Check Out Your Competitors

You should constantly spy on your competitors’ online marketing strategy if you want organic backlinks to your website. Check out their social media pages and website and figure out their link-building techniques. 

One way to make it easier is by setting up alerts for when your competitors publish new content on their platforms. You can also sign up for their email newsletter or create a Google alert for their website. 

Keeping an eye on their methods will help you recreate their most effective backlink-building methods. You’ll also be able to understand their techniques better and promote your website the same way. If most of their links come from guest blogging, you can create guest posts on the same sites.

If most backlinks come from blog reviews, follow the same route: getting in touch with the same bloggers and offering them a trial of your product or service. Sooner or later, they’ll also write a review about your site. 

Contact Bloggers and Journalist

This can be tricky because bloggers and journalists constantly receive emails that are too promotional or don’t provide value for their readers. Due to this, most outreach emails don’t get responses. Some effective methods you can use to make your pitch stand out are providing your views, opinions, and topics. 

These topics should be newsworthy and credible enough for the company to discuss. Choosing issues already being discussed in the press and connecting them to what these journalists cover will also get you a listening ear. If they accept your idea, they’ll likely link to your website. 


Google’s search engine algorithm is constantly evolving, but you must keep up. Link building is one of the ways to improve your brand’s relevance and boost your page ranking in search results. However, quality backlinks can be quite challenging to get. 

These ten link-building strategies will get you started. So start implementing them now!

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